Reader for contact identifiers – chip cards


Zestaw RCP 68C (pudełko)

Product description (expand/collapse)

The RCP68C reader supports contact identifiers (electronic memory cards – “chip” cards) and is designed to work in the RCPX8 work time registration and access control system (an example diagram in the user manual). The RCP68C reader is designed to record business entry / exit / exit events and to control access to devices and rooms.

Each I / O event is saved in the reader memory. On request, data from the reader are transferred via serial bus to the computer. The electronic card reader can also work outside the RCPX8 system network (autonomous operation) and record the events taking place. It is possible thanks to the configuration saved in the reader’s memory, the table of access rights for individual employees and the internal battery-backed time clock. In this case, you need to contact the computer only for the time of proper configuration of the reader.

Principle of operation (expand/collapse)

By inserting an authorized identifier into a special slot in the reader (a place on the housing determined by a characteristic graphic), an event is recorded in the reader memory. The readers control access to the rooms by activating, for example, an electric lock. Non-volatile memory allows you to save about 40 thousand. events. The recorded events are analyzed by the computer program as T&A (working time) or AC (access control) events – depending on how the reader has been configured. The front panel of the reader is equipped with a three-key keyboard, three signaling indicators, a four-character display and a marked slot in which a contact identifier (card) should be inserted in order to register the event. By pressing the appropriate key, we define what event we want to register (the reader can be set to work without the need to use the keyboard), the display shows the current date and time, and when the event is registered, the employee’s number.

Technical data (expand/collapse)

Supply voltage: 12V DC (10 ÷ 15V)
Power consumption: 60mA
Working temperature: -20°C to +40°C
Relative humidity: up to 80% at 40°C
RYG exit: 12V DC – 1A max
RYG control time from 0 to 30 sec.
Event memory capacity: 40 thousand
Number of supported identifiers in the system: 999
Data transmission to PC: RS-485
Battery (clock backup): 3V (e.g. CR 2032)
Display: LED, 4 characters, 7 segments each
Keyboard contact, 3 keys
Indicators: 1 LED, acoustic indicator
Three beeps – confirmation of the event entry
Intermittent squeak – for the duration of RYG control
Red LED – exit
green LED enter
yellow LED – business exit
Accuracy of the real time clock: ± 3 min/month (under stable conditions)
Weight 600g ± 10g
Case: metal, powder coated
Dimentions: 100 x 145 x 37 mm

Construction (expand/collapse)

The RCP68C reader has a compact metal housing, suitable for hanging on a wall. The attached device can only be opened with a key. The reader is equipped with an electronic microprocessor system. It has a built-in independent time clock with a power backup.