RFID proximity card reader



Product description (expand / collapse)

The RCP78AR reader supports proximity identifiers and is designed to work in the RCPX8 time and attendance and access control system. The reader is designed to register four types of events: entry (WE), exit (WY), duty exit (WS) and OPEN. The system operator decides what type of event the reader registers by configuring the reader in the computer program. The RCP78AR reader is resistant to weather conditions and can therefore be installed inside and outside the building.

Principle of operation (expand / collapse)

A properly installed reader signals correct operation by displaying the current time and lighting up the indicator (color – depending on the type of recorded event). The event is recorded when an authorized transponder (identifier) ​​is approached to the central part of the reader.
Confirmation that the event has been entered into the reader’s memory is a short beep (the so-called triple), and the employee’s number (numbers from 1 to 999 preceded by the letter c) will be displayed on the reader display. Events resulting from the approach of successive transponders can be registered with the frequency of about one event per second, however, to make sure that the event has actually been entered (three beeps and displaying the number), it is recommended to use 3-second intervals.
The reader controls access to the rooms by e.g. activating an electric lock on the door and registering employees’ entry / exit events. When the door lock is controlled, the reader beeps. The reader memory allows to save 42 thousand events. In the reader configuration one can set 12 intervals during the day, in which the reader automatically changes its activity – this way one can enable access to the room at a selected time period. When installing more readers, keep a distance of at least 15 cm between them.

Technical data (expand / collapse)

Supply voltage: 12V DC (10 ÷ 15V)
Current consumption: 100mA
Working temperature: -20°C do +40°C
Relative humidity: waterproof
RYG output: 12V DC – 1A max
RYG control time: 0 to 30 s.
Event memory capacity: 40.000.
Number of identifiers in the system: 999 pcs.
Data transmission to PC: RS-485
Battery (clock backup): 3V (e.g. CR 2032)
Display: LED, 4 characters, 7 segments each
Indicators: 1 LED, buzzer
Three beeps – confirmation of the entry of the event
Intermittent beeps – for the duration of RYG control
red LED – exit
green LED – entry
LED żółty – business exit
Real-time clock accuracy: ± 3 min / month (under stable conditions)
Weight: 190g ± 10g
Body: gray or black plastic
Weight: 190 x 60 x 18 mm

Construction (expand / collapse)

The RCP78AR reader is completely waterproof and the narrow, aesthetic plastic body can be hung on the wall or directly on the door frame. The reader is equipped with an electronic microprocessor system. It has a built-in real-time clock with power backup. Two body colors are available: light gray and black. The front panel of the reader is equipped with a four-character display, a LED diode (indicating the type of event recorded), and a marking to which the identifier (transponder) should be placed in order to register the event.

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