Network converter with time server


Product description (expand/collapse)

The RCP48TS network converter is an optional component of the RCPX8 system. It enables the integration of the RCPX8 system readers, installed in distant places of the company using the local computer network, as well as regular real-time setting in the readers connected to it (read from the Internet time server).


Regardless of the number of RCP48TS converters used, which connect different groups of readers to the RCPX8 system, the converter RCP48WU (RCP78WR) or RCP48CU (RCP68WC) must be connected to the computer that supports the RCPX8 system – its task is to enter identifier codes into the database of the system. The configuration of the RCP48TS converter enables communication with the readers via the Internet.

Principle of operation (expand/collapse)

The RCP48TS network converter works fully automatically and does not require, apart from installation, ongoing maintenance. From the side of the readers (RS485 – RJ12 connector), apart from the communication signals A and B, the 12V power supply is supplied – the same that supplies the RCP readers. The task of the microprocessor system is to convert and encode signals coming via LAN from the main computer into a form suitable for readers and vice versa.

Description of the signaling lamps:

1 – red indicator status of the readers time synchronization status


2 – yellow indicator – communication with readers (RS485)

3 – green indicator – data transmission from the LAN (TCP / IP)

Technical data (expand / collapse)

Supply voltage: 12V DC (10 ÷ 15V)
Current consumption: 110mA (210mA during continuous communication)
Working temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Relative humidity: up to 80% at 40°C
Weight: 110g ± 5g
Case: plastic(PS)
Dimentions: 134x77x31 mm

Construction (expand/collapse)

The RCP48TS converter is equipped with an electronic microprocessor system. It has a built-in RS232 / 485 converter. The device has two connectors: RJ12 for connection to the RCPX8 system (using the LPS1 box and the cable terminated with RJ12 telephone plugs – cable included) and RJ45 to the local computer network – LAN. The cables allow you to connect the device to the LAN and the network of readers of the RCPX8 system safely and without mistakes. The network cable with RJ45 plugs is not included in the RCP48TS converter.