RCP 48 PEN connector

Product description (expand/collapse)

The RCP48PEN converter is a device that enables downloading events from the RCPX8 system reader without the need to use a computer. The converter works autonomously (no computer is required to read the events). Its task is to locally download the events recorded in the readers and save them on the connected pendrive memory, and then after connecting the pendrive to a computer with the RCP58 program installed, import them to the database.

Technical data (expand/collapse)

Supply voltage: 12V DC (z LPS1)
Current consumption: 40mA
Working temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Relative humidity: up to 80% at 40°C
Weight with wires: 150g ± 5g
Case: plastic (PS)
Dimentions: 106 x 54 x 21 mm (without wires)

Construction (expand/collapse)

The RCP48PEN converter is equipped with a USB socket for connecting a portable FLASH memory (e.g. pendrive) and an RS485 port for connecting the converter to the RCPX8 system readers (RCP78R, RCP78AR, RCP58R, RCP68C, RCP58C) using the LPS1 connector (included in the set).