USB / RS232 adapter for converters RCP78WR / RCP68WC

Product description (expand/collapse)

The RCP68AD adapter is a device that is dedicated to work with the RCP58 program in the RCPX8 system. The RCP68AD adapter is a device that enables communication with the RCPX8 system converters equipped with an RS232 port using a computer that is not equipped with this type of port. The RCP68AD adapter is equipped with a USB port and an RS232 port for connection to the RCP68WC or RCP78WR converter. The adapter is automatically searched for by the RCP58 program and does not require drivers for proper functioning. Its task is to replace universal RS232 adapters & lt; – & gt; USB devices that do not always function properly on Windows systems.

Zasada działania (rozwiń/zwiń)

The RCP68AD adapter is an automatic device and, apart from the correct connection, it does not require any additional actions on the part of the user during use. The adapter converts data sent from the RCP58 program via the USB interface to data in the form of RS232 interface signals and converts the data in the opposite direction, i.e. converts the RS232 interface signals to data in the USB protocol. The adapter is powered directly from the USB port and does not require any additional power supply.
Correctly installed RCP68AD adapter signals the correct power supply by uniform blinking of the LED diode located on its housing. During data transmission, the LED may flash differently (faster or slower) depending on the data being transferred.

Technical data (expand/collapse)

Supply voltage: 5V DC (from USB)
Power consumption: 40mA
Working temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Relative humidity: from 80% at 40°C
Weight: 150g ± 5g
Case: plastic (PS)
Dimentions: 106 x 54 x 21 mm (without wires)

Construction (expand/collapse)

The RCP68AD adapter is equipped with an electronic microprocessor module for USB communication. It also has a built-in USB / RS232 converter dedicated to work with the RCPX8 system. The adapter does not have galvanic isolation of the USB port and RS232 connector because such isolation is provided by the converter (RCP78WR or RCP68WC) connected to the RS232 port. Two wires are led out directly from the housing:
– USB cable ended with USB type A plug to the USB port on the computer
– RS232 cable terminated with a male RS232 plug to the RS232 port in the RCP78WR / RCP68AD converter