RCP78AR readers table


Product description (expand/collapse)

The RCP78AR (RFID) reader board is equipped with two recorders, supports contactless identifiers and is designed to work in the RCPX8 system.
The construction of a set of RCP78AR recorders (registering employee entries and exits) facilitates the permanent mounting of the set or enables the transfer of combined recorders to periodic locations required to record working time (e.g. construction sites).

Principle of operation (expand/collapse)

After connecting the power supply, the RCP78AR readers (after prior configuration in the RCP58 software) are ready for event recording. In order to download registered events from the readers, you can:
1. Move the board near the computer with the RCP58 software installed and connect it with the RCP48WU converter using the LPS1 connector mounted on the board.
2. Approach the mounted board with a laptop computer with the RCP58 program installed and connect it with the RCP48WU converter using the LPS1 connector mounted on the board.
3. Approach the mounted board with the RCP58PEN converter (previously configured) and connect it using the LPS1 connector mounted on the board.

Technical data (expand/collapse)

Supply voltage: 12V DC
Power consumption: 200mA
Working temperature: -20°C do +40°C
Relative humidity: wodoodporny
Max. number of events in memory: ok. 40 tys.
Number of supported identifiers in the system: 999 szt.
Supported ID type: 125 kHz – UNIQUE
Data transmission to PC: RS-485
Display: LED, 4 signs, 7 segments each
green LED – entry
red LED – exit
Weight: 300g ± 10g
Case: plastic PVC
Dimentions: 300 x 210 x 30 mm
Battery (time backup): 3V (e.g. CR 2032)

Construction (expand/collapse)

The board includes two waterproof RCP78AR readers and an LPS1 connector for connecting the set to the power supply. The LPS1 connector also enables connection of communication converters (RCP48WU, RCP78PEN, RCP48TS) in order to configure or download events from readers. The board is made of plastic – PVC, it has holes to facilitate permanent or temporary installation. For the time of recording the events, the board requires a 12V DC power supply (it can be powered from a 12V car installation).