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LPS1 wall connection



Product description (expand / collapse)

The LPS1 wall connection is used to create connections in the RCPX8 system. It enables the transition from installation cables (including power cables from the power supply) to the cable that is used to connect the converter to the system. The box should be installed near the RCP48WU RCP48CU RCP78WU RCP48LS RCP48TS converter etc.

It is a standard telephone box 6 lanes 4 pins (RJ12). The meaning of the individual colors in the box is as follows:

yellow – power supply minus, GND

black – plus power, +12V

red – communication line A RS485

green – communication line B RS485

Technical data (expand / collapse)

Weight: 35g
Size: 2,4 x 4,2 x 5,8 cm

Construction (expand / collapse)

The LPS1 installation box is equipped with two 6/4 modular sockets and two four-terminal screw strips.

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